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I know you don’t think it’s possible to get the results you want without being some woo-woo dieter, gym junkie, health nutso—you name it. But it is.

And you’ll be having way more fun with my methods, anyways.


nice smile momAnd I’m a certified eating psychology coach, proud mama and big-time Depeche Mode fan. (Who very much likes her wine. I know, total rebel.)

What I do goes way, way beyond generic wellness and nutrition training. I’m here to help you discover how your eating habits are intimately connected to the other facets of your life—like work, money, relationships and the sexy stuff. *wink* And that’s just for starters.

You can count on me to be your:  



I’m always rooting for you. Even when you slip up. Whether we’re sharing tears or laughs, just think of me as one of the girls. You can dish about your most embarrassing secrets and I promise not to tell. Like when your boss caught you in the cleaning closet stuffing your gob with fistfuls of Oreos. Hey, I’ve been there.


I won’t hesitate to open up my can of whoop-ass on you. I’m equal parts sweet and salty. This is about ditching old habits. Breaking out of boxes. Uncovering road blocks. Getting the kind of results you’ve never achieved before. That takes work and commitment. There’s no time for sulking, sistah.


I’ll give your Wonder bra a run for its money. When you’re busy taking care of everyone else’s needs (like I know you do), I’ll have your back. I’ll be the one in your corner, helping you pick up the pieces and getting things back on track. It’s what I’m here for.

Itching to get started? These kinds of changes are ABSOLUTELY something to get excited for. And I can’t wait to show you what I’ve got in store for you.


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Discover the hidden psychology behind permanent weight loss & happy living.
(You can skip the diet.)