You miss the old you. You’re feeling broken. You want to reclaim control. Stop putting things on hold. Free yourself from a passion-sucking cycle. Learn to love your bod, muffin top and all.


Getting your inner spark back and moving forward with your life doesn't have to be so complicated. It’s simply a matter of shifting your messed up mind-body perceptions.


NEWSFLASH: All those fads you’ve tried—they don’t work because they AREN’T addressing the underlying issues of your current relationship with food and exercise


As a certified eating psychology coach (and one of the very few out there), I know all about getting down n’ dirty with the truths behind your jiggly bits, dry energy reserves and yo-yo emotions.

I can help you get real about your night-time cravings for Ben & Jerry’s. Or why your energy takes a nosedive around 3pm. And why that load of stress you’re balancing has a LOT to do with that frustrating battle you’re having with the scale.

And yes, I know that you’ve put a lot of things above your own well-being—keeping the house squeaky clean, playing chauffeur to your kids and rockin’ your career. But really? Your inability to reel some of that generosity back your way plays a big role when it comes to your overall health and well-being.

There isn’t a pill for this kind of transformation. It’s not a meal plan. It’s not a juicing detox. It’s not intensive circuit training. Or even a quick fix.


It’s a lifestyle redesign.


It’s about getting the personal satisfaction you deserve so you can start living every single day like you mean it.

It’s a new approach to weight loss that puts your happiness first, so you can shed those extra pounds you’ve been holding onto second.


Imagine being able to…

  • Ditch the camera shyness and ham it up with your kids and hubby, taking advantage of all those photo ops you missed out on in the past. 

  • Silence your inner mean girl and embrace that drop-dead gorgeous woman staring back at you in the mirror, instead of picking her apart from head-to-toe. 

  • Wake up feeling pumped for the day. And wave sianora to those regretful mornings when you mega-binged on a pepperoni pizza the night before. 

  • Catch your man giving you a double-take because you’re oozing confidence and working that sassy red dress in all the right ways. 

  • Boycott burpees, boot camps and spinning classes. And start moving your bod in a way that feels good and feeds your soul instead. 

  • Pick anything out of your closet and feel super-hot in it. No more feeling lost when you filter through your wardrobe or just living in your yoga pants because you’re having a ‘fat day’. 

  • Show your daughter that she won’t discover her true beauty on a magazine cover. But by indulging in adventures, exploring her purpose and nurturing her bod.

Are you ready to get real, lasting results? Then let’s end your weight struggle. For good.


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